Sea Shells

Posted by Through the Lens (Photography Avenue, United States) on 11 April 2016 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

I've been on and off of my Aminus3 account for a few years now and wish I could find my passion for photography everyday, but sometimes it's not there and life gets in the way. A sad truth, but I think I've learned the value of photography through this. It's truly one way to express what you see in your everyday. Everyone sees things differently and being able to display your work in a way that the viewer can understand what you saw while maintaining an artistic standpoint is a skill I aspire to fully attain. As many might realize, in today's society photography is so common among people that we might forget what the art is. With this in mind, I appreciate the art more and more. Being able to stand out among so many photos that are shared around the world every second is amazing. For anyone who has, you inspire me.